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- Vectorial Resources -
World Televisions : Television logos from all over the world
French "Régions" : French "Régions" in vectorial. (you're outside of France send yours)
French "Départements" : French "Départements" in vectorial.
Cities : French cities (you're outside of France send yours)
Pictograms : security pictograms in vectorial.
International Flags : Flags of the world in vectorial.
Maritim Flags : Martim Flags in vectorial (international maritim alphabet).
Highway road signs : Road signs in vectorial...
Beers : a drink ! 340 beer logos in vectorial.
Apple & Macintosh... : need a description?!?
Other resources : the resources of this heading, are gifts of various members of our forum or users of the this website. They are free of right and free and cannot be sold (Web, Cd...)
Owners : For the attention of owners of the present LOGOS on the site : we do not diffuse your LOGOS in purposes of hacking or forgery, but to facilitate all the printing professions to found them easily for their graphic creations. We could not ask for the licenses of distribution for all the owners (seen the number) and not wanting to damage anybody, by diffusing them, so if you do not want to see your logo in our database : send we a simple mail, and asking us to remove it with well sure all our excuses in advance.

Users read first : Self-service does not mean free of use. Most of the logos which will be proposed to you are marked by the first-rate COPYRIGHT, also before any thing well take care of verifying licenses concerning their use. will return you many services and I hope will make for you spare time for all your graphic creations, internet, multimedia by providing you with more than logos in Illustrator type.